In the modern complex world of business the timely and accurate information plays a very important role. The overview and exact understanding of the situation helps avoid a lot of mistakes and prevents monetary losses or other negative results which the lack of information often brings. We can help you to act quickly - to take an advantage of favorable situations and  avoid the unfavorable ones.

Our practical experiences allow us to help you with creation of internal control systems to insure the proper day to day operations and to prevent the occasional fraud.

We are offering the internal investigation and assistance services, accounts reconciliation, inventories and receipts and invoices reviewing, business consulting and advisory services in order to create the internal control systems which would improve the detection and deterrence of fraud and allow to watch out for unfair practices, signs of fraud or funds misused.

In view of recent audit failures the role of internal prevention system is rapidly growing. We encourage the clients to use us for those services of prevention before fraud takes place. We have confidential relationships with our clients and protect it.

Alternatively we could assist you in resolving commercial disputes or litigation working closely with our legal and arbitration colleagues. We assist the companies in the non-standard situations and develop systems for solving the problems, providing the business consulting or advisory services, often working one-on-one with the owner or principal of the business.

Our consulting fees are flexible and based on project complexity and our range of involvement. We are offering special rates for long-term clients or long term assessments.